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Battery charger FAQ



 Input voltage AC  85V -- 220V AC 50Hz --60Hz
 Output voltage  Cut out :14.7V can be adjusted according to individual need
 Charging current  1.5A
 Ambient temperature  -20℃ -- +50 ℃
 Cooling  Nature cooling
 Charger type  7 step, full automatic switch mode
 Batteries  12V lead acid batteries
 Battery size  4--40Ah (70Ah maintenance charging)
 Dimensions  135*90*75mm/ 178*78*54mm
 Net weight  0.6kg for UBC-1, 0.7kg for UBC-2



1.85-240V AC automatic adaptable

2.Wide range AC mains input(85--245V AC) allows use of one charger anywhere in the world and eliminates the need to stock and service multipe models.

3.Smart and compact                                                                                                                           

A fashinable and portable automatic charger which can be carried in your tool box.

4.Defective battery recovering                                                                                                              

It recovers over-discharged batteries due to lack of maintenance or extensive us.Giving indication to users whether the battery is still usable or have a good ability to store enery.

5.Digital voltmeter displaycharger voltage and other information such as battery test and other protection codes.

6.Automatic restart replenish energy                                                                                                    

The engineer charger automatic stops charger when battery is full charged.It continue monitors battery voltage and restarts automatically,replenishing energy with pulse current.



We also have another version of housing for your option as followings:



Battery charger FAQ

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