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UDB130X User Manual
In UDB130x(S) series,we have three models as following:
1.UDB1302S 2MHz with frequency sweep function
2.UDB1305S 5MHz with frequency sweep function
3.UDB1308S 8MHz with frequency sweep function
This product is UDB1308S 8MHz.
Introduction of the instrument
UDB130xS series direct digital synthesis signal generator use DDS technology and FPGA design with the characters of high stability and low distortion ect,A,B two channel output, two channel TTL output, 60MHz frequency meter,counter function, have sweep function, the start and end frequency and sweep time can be set at will. It’s the ideal equipment of electronic engineer,laboratory, production lines,the teaching and scientific research.
Function description
1.DC5V power input
2.Power switch
3.A channel offset regulation
4.B channel offset regulation
5.B channel amplitude regulation
6.A channel amplitude regulation
7.Signal output terminal
8.Encoder adjusting
9.User key
10.Communication interface
11.A.B channel indicator light
12.A.B channel switch key
13.LCD display
Main technology data
1.Signal Output function
Output amplitude >=9Vp-p (signal output,no load)(MAX)
About 0.1Vp-p(MIN)
Output impedance 50 omega +/-10%
DC offset +/-2.5V(no load)
Display LCD1602
Frequency range 0.01Hz - 2MHz(UDB1302)
0.01Hz - 5MHz(UDB1305)
0.01Hz - 8MHz(UDB1308)
Resolution 0.01Hz(10mHz)
Frequency Stability +/-1x10-6
Frequency accuracy +/-5x0-6
Sine wave distortion <=0.8%(reference frequency is 1kHz)
Trinagle linearity >=98%(0.01Hz-10kHz)
Rise and fall time of square wave <=100ns
Square Wave Duty range 1%-99%
2.TTL Output function
Frequency range 0.01Hz - 2MHz( UDB1302S)
0.01Hz - 5MHz( UDB1305S)
0.01Hz - 8MHz( UDB1308S)
Amplitude >3Vp-p
Fan Out >20 TTL loads
3.COUNTER function
Counter Range 0-4294967295
Frequency Meter Range 1Hz-60MHz
Input Voltage Range 0.5Vp-p -20Vp-p
4.SWEEP function(as for UDB100xS series)
Frequency range fM1 to fM2
Sweep time 1s-99s
5.Others function
Save and Load Parameter M0-M9(M0:default load)
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