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User Manual of watt meter

Brand new and high quality.
Measure energy(wh),charge(ah), power(w),current(A) and voltage(V).
Accurate & precise 0.01 A current and 0.01 V voltage resolutions.
Measures peak Amps, peak Watts(except for Doc Wattson) and Voltage minimum(sag).
Rugged- handles 50A continuous and 100 A peak at 60V.
14a ga., super fine stranded, high temperature, silicone rubber insulated wire.
Small & light with a tough plastic case available in several colors.
Acts like a wire so doesn't affect model's performance. Precision Alu-Chrom current sensing
resistor, with only 0.001 Ohms resistance and circuitry that draws only 7 mA.
Uses DSP to increase ADC resolution and differential measurement amplifiers to increase
noise immunity.
Size:8.3cm x 4.7cm x 2cm - 3.27inch x 1.85inch x 0.79inch

Performance parameters
Name : A(200200)680 – Watt Meter.
Voltage:(0)V-4V-60V 0.01V (Resolution).
Current:0-100 A peak 0.01A (Resolution).
Power:0-6554 W 0.1W (Resolution).
Charge:0-65 Ah 0.001Ah (Resolution).
Energy:0-6554 wh 0.1 Wh (Resolution).
Measurement Update period:400mS.
Signal Sampling Rate:sample/s.
Data Queue Sequence time: 2 seconds.
In Circuit Resistance:0.001 Ohms.
Operation Current: 7 mA.
Dimensions( L x W x D ): 84 x 50 x 20mm.

Package Included
1 x Watt Meter
1 x User Manual


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