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About Us

Nanjing Clean Energy Electronic Co., Ltd, is 'customer focused' and is committed to providing you with the best cost effective power solution. We Provide quality assured products and timed deliveries at competitive costs to meet your requirements. And work hard to keep our customers satisfied.

We are able to cater to each other of our customers' requirements with our commitment and understanding of our customer's needs.Our high-tech facilities allow us to provide service from design cncept through to the end product.

Our power supplies use leading edge power switch technology using the combine resources of Tsinghua University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.Our advanced electronics technology and years of marketing experience allows us to provide the best possible solutions to your requirements.We also provide R&D,manufacture and selling of intelligent AC/DC and selling of intelligent AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies. 

Our vision

 To be a world leader in power supply and electronics solutions.

Our mission

 To serve customers with the best possible quality products and services,while providing the best possible prices.

Our value

Customer focued

Great communication
Enhance team cooperation
Embrace changes
Honesty and openness.
Dedication and passionate to our work

We supply hundreds of customers home and abroad, where our understanding, work ethics and knowledge help our customers to find the ideal products and services for their needs. We are committed to our customers and their vision.

Contact Us

Mob: 00-86-18001581176

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